ASL Meditation Group 4/27/19 -DFW

ASL Meditation Group

White Rock United Methodist church
1450 Oldgate Lane
Dallas, Texas 75218

WHEN: Saturday, April 27, 2019
TIME: 1:00 – 2:30pm


We are getting ready to host our first ASL meditation group at a zendo that has generously offered for us to use their beautiful space with multiple sitting cushion options at the Maria Kannon Zen Center currently located within the White Rock United Methodist church at 1450 Oldgate Lane, Dallas, Texas 75218.

We are looking at our first class date being April 27th. At this location, we will have the opportunity to try out different cushions and practices, with an introduction to meditation practice from early Buddhist teachings provided in ASL. (Of course, no one needs to be Buddhist to practice these techniques.) In this first class at this location, we will give an introduction to seated and walking meditation, practice together, and leave time for questions and answers. If interested, we are happy to gather afterwards to continue in conversation and connection with many options nearby to meet for tea/coffee and company.

Before we get started, knowing this is a small community already, we would like to make it a time that most people are able to make. If you are interested, please take a minute to fill out this Doodle, and let us know if you would be able to make it on Saturday, April 27th from 1-2:30pm. Please also feel free to share this information and link with anyone you know who might be interested:

Let me know if you have any issues with the poll, or have any other questions. We will send more information out. Thank you, and we look forward to sitting with you!

Peace and ease,

Drew and Patty
Email: [email protected]

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