China Deaf Boy Need New Home

Cradle of Hope Adoption Center, a nonprofit adoption agency with 29 years of experience, is looking for an adoptive family for Quincy, age 11, who was abandoned at a children’s hospital in China when he was just 7 months old and has been living in an orphanage ever since. He is deaf. Quincy is described as an outgoing and curious boy who makes friends easily. He has good self-care skills, is handy, likes to help the nannies in the orphanage, and knows how to take care of younger children. His intellectual development is delayed, most likely due to his hearing disorder and the quality of schooling for deaf children in China, and he will need assistance to catch up with his peers. Quincy is currently attending a school for blind and deaf children, he is learning sign language and can communicate with others. He is now described as a boy who likes sports and likes to draw. Can your family help Quincy reach his full potential?

Eligible applicants are married couples or single women, ages 30 – 60, with no more than 5 minor children already in the home. You must be in reasonably good health, financially stable, know American Sign Language and have experience in or with the deaf community. Additional eligibility criteria apply. Ideally, you live near a school that works with deaf students. A two week trip to China is required to complete Quincy’s adoption.

International adoption is not inexpensive but we have a $20,000 grant to help a qualified family adopt Quincy. We will also assist with grant applications to outside adoption funding organizations. Some of our families have received outside funding for more than half of their adoption fees and expenses.

Location: Maryland, USA

For more information, please email [email protected].

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