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Forex and Cryptocurrency Market for Deaf Community

Hi Sir/Ma’am,

Hope all is well! I would like to expand my network to reach out to the deaf community in the States by connecting with likeminded individuals who are business oriented, appreciates the positive outlook in life, and are looking for opportunities within the Forex and Cryptocurrency market.

As a deaf person, I can understand how limited resources can be offered to us and to change that, we constantly have to keep being around like minded people who have the expertise in their profession and consistently, come up with innovative ways to make our community thrive for the better.

I have just recently started a deaf trading community, and I educate using ASL. I believe trading can work for people who are open minded and coachable. It is a skill set that you learn as you grow while also getting learn how to get paid. Moreover, trading requires visual skills, and to us, that is an advantage we are proud to have.

Our fundamental rule, is to help student to understand the risk to reward ratio while also develop patience and adapting to the right mindset that will not hinder you from your success.

I am open to hosting a video call to discuss how to make it possible and to provide more information if needed. I have attached an introduction video if you wish to share on your social media or to those who you know may be interested.

Much regards and much appreciated,

Naz Robinson
[email protected]

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