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English by Eye

Thank you so much for your interest in English by Eye!!!

English by Eye videos are designed to encourage Deaf children to see that context and ideas are important for reading comprehension.

The “one-word = one-sign” habit of thinking is not helpful to readers because one English word can have several different meanings, depending on the sentence.

Our project gives readers with ASL skills the opportunity to

  • watch video clips of activities, such as fixing a bike or riding a rollercoaster
  • watch ASL descriptions of these activities, and
  • read sentences that connect to these ideas.

The video clips and ASL descriptions COMMUNICATE clearly to help readers understand what they are reading.

English by Eye videos offer experiences, not lessons.

ASL and pictures connect with English sentences. This is “brain friendly” and makes it easy for readers to pick up vocabulary, idioms, and even poetic language like “In the snowfall, snowflakes dance.”

Example: Deaf ASL presenter shows how to sign “FALL” https://youtu.be/g-uoCHD-RD8

In our video, DRY, the Deaf presenter signs six different MEANINGS of the word DRY. She does NOT use “the sign for dry” in any of the sentences! She SHOWS the ideas!

I will send video clips (about 10 seconds each).

Volunteers will:

  • film themselves signing descriptions of video scenes
  • send me the videos

That’s all!

The signed videos will be about 20 seconds each.

Below are links to a few of our English by Eye YouTube channel videos.

Thank you so much for your consideration!

Chris Wixtrom
English by Eye YouTube video producer
ASL Access founder (nonprofit organization: EIN 54-1887224)
Websites: http://www.aslaccess.org http://www.englishbyeye.org
Email: [email protected]

Sign “DRY” in American Sign Language (ASL), six different ways!
Learn how to sign ASL UPSIDE DOWN!

Playlist of the 10 multiple-meaning word videos:
1 word with different meanings!
Link to EnglishByEye YouTube video channel:


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