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sComm UbiDuo: Technology For You!

The UbiDuo 3 is a communication device to help those who are hearing and deaf to communicate in-person immediately without needing an interpreter.

  • No WiFi
  • No Internet
  • Lightweight
  • Portable

Versions available:

  1. Wireless UbiDuo 3
  2. Wired UbiDuo 3 for higher security areas
  3. UbiDuo 3 Text to Speech 1
  4. UbiDuo 3 Text to Speech 2

UbiDuo 3 Wireless
sComm once again pushes forward the state of the art in face-to-face communication technology with the launch of the brand new UbiDuo 3. Loaded with more modern innovations than its predecessors, the UbiDuo 3 makes it easier than ever for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to participate in a dynamic, fully engaged, face-to-face conversation with the rest of the hearing world. $2,695.00


UbiDuo 3 Wired
Some of our clients work in areas where wireless radio waves could interfere with sensitive equipment, or in high-security areas where wireless connections are forbidden. Nevertheless, these folks still have the same need to participate in a dynamic, fully-engaged, face-to-face conversation with hearing peers. To meet this need, sComm provides the UbiDuo 3 Wired version, which has no wireless capability and uses a shielded cable to maintain the connection between each half. $2,895.00


UbiDuo 3 TTS1
The UbiDuo 3 TTS-1 adds a voice to sComm’s signature real-time split-screen communication solution, along with the new enhanced built-in speaker and voice technology. This feature not only benefits those who are blind or visually challenged, but also when there is a group of hearing people allowing them to listen simultaneously. $4,195.00


UbiDuo 3 TTS2
Like the UbiDuo 3 TTS1, the TTS2 model pairs the text communication feature of the base UbiDuo model with a voice to provide spoken communication along with the written text. The TTS2 includes a text to speech module and speaker on each half, allowing both parties to audibly voice their thoughts to each other. $7,995.00


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