Job Opportunity: ASLI Coach & Lab Supervisor – Houston

ASLI Coach & Lab Supervisor PART-TIME POSITION (Maximum of 19 hours/week)

The ASLI Coach & Lab Supervisor meets regularly with students to provide feedback on ASL proficiency for a one-time appointment or an on-going basis. Your job will be to help the students improve their comprehension and production skills in conversational ASL. To be successful in this job, you must have understanding and knowledge of ASL Linguistic features and Interpreting Techniques presented in a variety of settings. The person hired for this job is NOT a teacher – the role is to guide the students to apply what they learn in class.

What Will You Do?

  • Communicate in ASL and written English with students and faculty;
  • Observe and understand student’s strengths and weaknesses in ASL;
  • Ability to use MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Gmail, Google Drive, Skype and Zoom so as to communicate with ASLI Faculty and the University;
  • Provide positive coaching and tutoring support for language learners;
  • Loan out Lab materials to students and retrieving these materials;
  • Conduct weekly status check of each computer station and ASLI lab equipment;
  • Report computer or technical issues to Tech Support;
  • Report building or maintenance issues to UH Facilities;
  • Regularly communicate with the assigned Faculty member managing the Lab;
  • Work during posted and assigned Lab Hours.

What Are We Looking For? The ideal person will:

  • Dress and interact in a professional and ethical way;
  • Display flexibility and be able to work independently without supervision;
  • Demonstrate a friendly and supportive attitude with students;
  • Have reliable transportation so as to arrive to work on time each day;
  • Have excellent time management skills and scheduling skills;
  • Display an ability to organize work area and lab area safely;
  • Be willing to both offer and accept suggestions to improve the Lab;
  • Document lab sessions and generate reports in Excel;
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding student records in accordance with FERPA;
  • Participate in meetings and ASLI events as needed.

Preferred Qualifications for Employment

• ASLPI rating of a 3.5 or SLPI rating of Advanced or higher
• Completion of an Associate Degree (AA, AS or AAS)
• Any professional office OR deaf interpreting work experience

How to Apply

• Current resume
• Two-minute video submission: Why do you want to be the UH ASLI Coach?
• Recommendation letter/email and/or 2 professional references

Please submit the video and resume to Sharon Hill, ASLI Director via email:

[email protected]. The ASLI Faculty team will review applications and interviews will be scheduled by June 15, 2021.



What to expect:



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