24th Biennial Conference 2021

TDI 24th Biennial Conference Overview

24th Biennial Conference

Mark your calendars – the TDI Biennial Conference will happen online from July 26 – 29, 2021, the same week as the 31st anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

For the first time, the TDI Conference will be fully virtual allowing everyone to tune in from anywhere in the world. Registration is free for all TDI Members. If you aren’t a member yet, sign up today for only $25 and you’ll receive everything you need to join the Conference. If you are a member of BIPOC-Deaf organization affiliated with TDI, contact your organization leader for information on steeply discounted TDI Conference registration. All conference arrangements will be clarified through emails after your registration is received. Keep reading to see why you should register as soon as possible!

Due to the online nature of the Conference, we’ve modified our traditional schedule to Monday through Thursday 1-5pm EDT. You can review the schedule, presenters and panelists, and register all online at http://www.TDIConf.com.

This year’s conference theme “Reset and Reconnect,” reflects the seismic change many of us had to make, embracing new ways of doing traditional business or providing education to a fully virtual classroom. This change has created a wake-up call for us in regards to ensuring full “tele-world” access for employees, patients, students, and families.

To kick off the event, Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel from the Federal Communications Commission will be the keynote speaker. We’re also adding a new program called “Fireside Chat”, a discussion between TDI’s CEO and special guests. We are featuring 7 panels that will spotlight a variety of industry leaders and questions from the audience will be invited.

The topics of those panels will feature:

  • Town Hall with the Federal Communication Commission’s Disability Rights Office,
  • Next Generation Relay,
  • Automated Captioning,
  • Tele-platform access (tele-conferencing, tele-health, and tele-edu),
    Gaming & Game Systems,
  • Diversity and Inclusion within Information and Communication Technologies, and
  • Broadband Access.

Registration for this exclusive event is free and easy. If you are not a member of TDI, then sign up today and win a chance at gifts and prizes. We will have a variety of Apple products to give away!

Be sure to subscribe to TDI eNotes, follow our social media accounts, or visit our website to keep up with the latest Conference information. You don’t want to miss this because we’ll be discussing the future of accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people for decades to come!

Conference Website, Schedule, Presenters, and more…

Want to get straight to the conference details? Visit the dedicated website at TDIConf.com where you can register, see the line-up of presenters and panelists (click their image/name to connect with them on LinkedIN), the full schedule, and the recipients of the biennial TDI Awards!

The final forum of the day will be Connecting DHH Americans to Broadband with Zachary Bastain, Shellie Blakeney, Sarah Leggin, and Corian Zacher.

About TDI
TDI is a national nonprofit organization shaping the nation’s public policies in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to advance the interests of the 48 million Americans who are deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, deafblind, and deaf with mobility issues.

Full story at http://www.TDIforAccess.org

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