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FREE Workshops from Deaf Action Center 2021-2022

DAC Free Weekend Workshop 2021 2022UPCOMING VIRTUAL

Mark your calendars!

Our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Access Specialists will be hosting Saturday afternoon workshops starting November 6th. Take a look at some of the topics we have lined up and register now using this link.

Date, Title of Presentation

  • 6-Nov-21 Holiday Parties, Meetings, and More. My Communication Access Matters Too, Right?
  • 13-Nov-21 Reasonable Accommodation and Hearing Service Dogs in the Workplace
  • 4-Dec-21 Completing Job Interviews without Potential Employers Knowing You Are Using VRS
  • 11-Dec-21 Navigating Housing Authorities: What Are Your Rights?
  • 1-Jan-22 What Accommodations Can I Request at My Workplace?
  • 8-Jan-22 I’ve Asked for Accommodations at Work and They’ve Said No. What Are My Rights?
  • 5-Feb-22 Access for Your KODA Kids in School: What Are Your Rights?
  • 12-Feb-22 Human Resources Wants Access to My Medical Information. Can I Say No?
  • 5-Mar-22 I Am Looking for a Job, but Don’t Want Them to Know I Am Deaf or Hard of Hearing.
    What Are My Rights?
  • 12-Mar-22 I Need to See a Counselor but I Don’t Want to Use an Interpreter. Are There Any Deaf-
    Friendly Counselors in the Area?
  • 2-Apr-22 Are Churches Required to Provide Accommodations Like a Business?
  • 9-Apr-22 My Child is Deaf or Hard of Hearing and I Want to Learn ASL. Are There Resources for
    Me in the DFW Area?
  • 7-May-22 Accessibility in Recreational Activities: Are Private Clubs Exempt from the ADA?
  • 14-May-22 What Is the EEOC and Why Should It Only Be Used As a Last Resort?
  • 4-Jun-22 Accommodations, Tuition, and Waivers in Higher Education. Where Do I Start?
  • 11-Jun-22 Accommodations, 504/SPED, and Preferred Mode of Communication in K-12 Education.
    Who Has the Final Say?
  • 2-Jul-22 Even if I Teach Deaf Students, Can I Still Request Accommodations for Myself? What Are
    My Rights?
  • 9-Jul-22 I Want to Attend a Concert but I Need an Interpreter. Where Do I Start?
  • 6-Aug-22 Social Security is not Providing Interpreters. What Can I do?
  • 13-Aug-22 Navigating Emergency Rooms: How to Prepare Ahead of Time
  • 3-Sep-22 Navigating Disability Services at Colleges: Preplanning Your Semester
  • 10-Sep-22 Help! I’m Losing my Hearing. What Resources Are Available to Help Me Communicate?

Register Today!

Workshops will be presented in ASL. For accommodations, email [email protected] or [email protected]


Funded by HHSC Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

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