COVID-19 Workshop & Pizza with Amanda Tutt 3/26/22 – DFW

COVID-19 and Vaccine & DEAF CHAT
Palio’s Pizza Cafe
4855 Bryant Irvin Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76132

Date: Saturday March 26, 2022
Time: 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Guest Speaker: Amanda Tutt
Deaf Action Center
Vaccine Outreach Specialist
Vaccine Outreach funded by Texas Vaccine Outreach and Education Grant

Co-presenter Sheila Grady
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Access Specialist
Funded by HHSC Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Are you deaf or hard of hearing living in the Dallas area? Come to Palio’s Pizza Cafe for a deaf chat hosted by Deaf Action Center on information and resources about:

? COVID-19
? The Vaccines
? How to protect yourself and your community
? Communication access and effective communication

Have your questions answered in ASL!

Book this in your calendar!

Palio’s Pizza Cafe, March 26th 4-7pm CST
4855 Bryant Irvin Rd, Forth Worth, TX 76132

Register today at!

ID: Swipe set of 5, pink, purple, and white background & text through the entire set, 1) COVID 19 & Vaccine information, a mask illustration on the top center, DAC and CSD logos on the bottom center, ‘swipe left’ on the bottom right, 2) text: COVID 19 & Vaccine information, Guest speaker, Amanda Tutt, DAC, Vaccine outreach specialist, Vaccine outreach funded by Texas Vaccine Outreach and Education Grant, a photo of Amanda smiling at the camera, CO-presenter, Sheila Grady, Deaf and HoH Access Specialist, Funded by HHSC Office of Deaf and HoH Services, ‘swipe left’, 3) Come learn about, masks as bullet points, COVID-19, The Vaccines, How to protect yourself and your community and get your questions answered, Communication access and effective communication, ‘swipe left’, 4) Deaf Chat, Palio’s pizza cafe, 4855 Bryant Irvin rd, Forth Worth, TX 76132, March 26, 4pm-7pm, ‘swipe left’, 5) Please register for the event.,, clickable link is in CSD’s bio., For questions and/or accommodations, please contact: Amanda Tutt, 972.779.0171 | [email protected], and the DAC & CSD logos are on the bottom center.

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