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Job Opening at DHHS – Contract Manager

To Interested Parties:

The Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (ODHHS)/Health and Human Services Commission has opened up a position for a contract manager. The link to the job posting is: Contract Manager – ODHHS

ODHHS has 11 programs and the contract manager works with a team of two others to oversee the contracts that support all of ODHHS’ 11 programs. The number of contracts fluctuate, but on an average the number ranges between 120 to 160.

The position requires a CTCM (Certified Texas Contract Manager) certification.

Link: https://jobshrportal.hhsc.state.tx.us/ENG/careerportal/Job_Profile.cfm?szOrderID=532276&szReturnToSearch=1&&szWordsToHighlight=Contract%20administration

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