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Deaf Theatre Classes and Camps 2022 – DFW

Classes and camps are a great way to try out a Deaf Theatre program. Educational opportunities are available for students and adults who are Deaf and hard of hearing and for hearing individuals who know or want to learn ASL. These programs focus on an individual topic or skill, and will help prepare participants to participate in a Deaf Theatre production. Check out our upcoming classes and camps below!


Email [email protected] and our team will be happy to answer any questions and help you find a great fit for you or your child.

“The Odd Duck”
Production Class
Grades 1-8 Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Tuesdays, Sept. 13-Nov. 1, 2022 at 4:30-5:30 PM
at NTPA – Dallas
Tuition: $100
Class Instructors: Sarah Farley & Skyler Harp

This class is open to Deaf and hard of hearing youth in grades 1-8. Students will rehearse and perform a play based on the heartwarming classic story of the ugly duckling. Participants will play games, sign to music, role play, act and end the class in a free performance for parents and friends.

Meet the Instructors
Sarah FarleySarah Farley is an ASL interpreter with more than fourteen years of experience in ASL, she interprets for NTPA, churches, and private events. She graduated with an Associates in History at Liberty University, and is working towards gaining her ASL interpreting certification. Sarah is currently enrolled in theater and dance classes at Collin College, and she aspires to become a professional choreographer, and a director in Deaf theater. She is the older sister of three Deaf siblings and is passionate about her faith, the Deaf community, history, and theater.

Skyler HarpSkyler Harp is currently a sophomore at the University of Texas at Dallas and is getting her degree in Early Childhood Education. She is also a student in the Interpreter Education Program at Collin College. She has been involved with NTPA since the 2nd grade and has been volunteering with the Starcatchers program since she was 10.

ASL Signing to Music
Grades 7-12 Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Wednesdays, Sept. 14-Nov. 2, 2022 at 4:30-5:30 PM
at NTPA – Dallas
Tuition: $229
Class Instructors: Daymond Sands Jr.

ASL Signing to Music is for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students in grades 7-12 who know ASL. This course is the first in a series of courses intended to teach teens who love theater how to perform in a musical theater setting. Participants will learn Sign Music, how to perform songs in ASL and learn how Sign Music takes songs in English and interprets to correct ASL linguistic communications. These skills will enable participants to take our pre-show class in the spring that will teach the music necessary to perform in our first major musical production.

Meet the Instructor
Daymond SandsDaymond Sands is a Dallas-based Deaf instructor. He is an ASL tutor at Tarrant County College and freelance photographer. He created and hosts Click Click Crop, a photography competition for Deaf photographers that airs on Youtube and Facebook, which just wrapped filming of its 4th season in July 2022. In his free time he enjoys being a foodie, spending time with family, and traveling.

Beginning Conversational ASL for Theater
Grades 7-Adult
Thursdays, Sept. 15-Nov. 3, 2022 at 4:30-5:30 PM
at NTPA – Dallas
Tuition: $229
Class Instructors: Regina R. Davis

Beginning Conversational ASL (American Sign Language) for Theater is open to Grades 7 –Adults. No prior ASL experience is required. Recommended for those who have 0-3 years of high school ASL, a year or less of college ASL or some basic ASL knowledge or experience. In addition to deaf/hard of hearing individuals with little to no prior ASL experience.

This class is the first in a series of classes intended to teach conversational theater centric ASL for everyone including those who want to learn the basics to those who want to develop the skills necessary to move into our Shadow Voice Acting courses and perform in upcoming deaf theater productions as the voice of our deaf actors. This class is tailored to the specific needs of theatre communications and interactions with Deaf staff, actors and patrons. It is taught in an immersive environment exposing students to volunteer opportunities where ASL is used in a real-world environment. This is not your typical ASL class taught in community programs, grade schools and colleges/universities.

This course will include an introduction to the language, grammar, signs (vocabulary) of the Deaf Community and beginning levels of expressive and receptive skills. Fingerspelling, Numbers, Visual/Gestural Communications skills and the Culture of the Deaf Community with a specific focus on theater vocabulary and language.

Meet the Instructor

Regina Davis is a proud member of the Deaf community with a BS in education from North Texas State University. In addition, she holds masters’ degrees from both Gallaudet University and Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary in Counseling and Communications – Performing Arts. She has more than 30 years’ experience in performing arts as a stage and screen director, writer, choreographer, actor, advocate, teacher in addition to shadow voice acting instructor.

Register: https://ntpa.asapconnected.com/#CourseGroupID=57941

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