Casting Call 09/28, 09/29, 09/30/22 – Austin (My Dad is My Hero, The Story of Troy Kotsur)


My Dad is My Hero, The Story of Troy Kotsur

Project Type: Short Documentary Film
Pay Status: Paid ($100 – $250)
Location: Austin, Texas
Shooting Schedule: 09/28/22, 09/29/22, 09/30/22
Director: Sean Schiavolin
Producer: Justin Bergeron


When Deaf actor, Troy Kotsur, was awarded for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film CODA, at the 2022 Academy Awards he announced to the world:

“My dad was the best signer in our family but he was in a car accident and became paralyzed from the neck down and he was no longer able to sign. Dad, I learned so much from you. I’ll always love you. You are my hero!”

My Dad is My Hero, The Story of Troy Kotsur is a 20 minute documentary being produced by Austin nonprofit studio, Emergent Order Foundation, for their Dad Saves America YouTube Channel. The film explores the story of Troy and his dad through an in-depth interview and cinematic scripted reenactments.

We’re seeking out the best Deaf actors in Texas along with several hearing actors to showcase their talent in a story celebrating the life and career of breakthrough artist, Troy Kotsur.

To Book an Audition: Email [email protected] with a headshot or recent photo of yourself and your resume, and one of our producers will reach out with next steps.


Young Troy 3/4 yr old Deaf Male
School Age Troy 6/7 yr old Deaf Male
High School Troy 17/18 yr old Deaf Male
Troy’s Father 50’s Fit Male hearing (must also know ASL)
Boy 1 7/8/9 yr old Deaf
Boy 2 7/8/9 yr old Deaf
Boy 3 7/8/9 yr old Deaf
Girl 1 7/8/9 yr old Deaf
Girl 2 7/8/9 yr old Deaf
Bus Driver Middle-aged hearing Female
Detective #1 Middle-aged hearing Male
Detective #2 Middle-aged hearing Male

YouTube Video:

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