TV Casting Opportunity – Looking for Deaf talent for the following multi-episode roles

My name is Maggie and I work for Lisa Zagoria, a Casting Director in Los Angeles. We are conducting a casting search for several Deaf characters in a Premium TV series. Attached is a flyer with more information, including character descriptions for the roles we are looking for and how they can get in touch with us. No acting experience is required to audition.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.

Maggie Kissinger
Casting Assistant
Lisa Zagoria Casting
Email: [email protected]


Looking for Deaf talent for the following multi-episode roles.
No acting experience is necessary to submit.
Project will film March–Sept 2023 / location TBD.

For audition information and instructions, please email: [email protected]

[Gabriel] (looking for an actor to portray a Deaf, Mexican American male in his mid-70s) Texas-born and raised, son to Mexican immigrants. Gabriel was a deaf child in an all-hearing home; his parents never learned ASL. Gabriel is now retired but worked at NASA, his dream job, since his mid-twenties as an engineer. Working at NASA proved difficult both as a Latino and a deaf man, but Gabriel was determined to excel at any cost.

[Amara] (looking for an actor to portray a Deaf, Black female in her mid-70s) Amara immigrated with her parents to Texas from Nigeria as a young girl. She learned hard work from watching the long hours her parents put into their family restaurant’s success. Amara is now retired from being the head curator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston—the first black woman to hold that position. She is intelligent and sophisticated with a divine appreciation of art and culture.

[Jeffrey] (looking for an actor to portray a Deaf, Black male in his mid-40s) Jeffrey was born hearing to hearing parents but developed meningitis and lost his hearing at a young age. He’s the Superintendent of the Texas School for the Deaf where he’s devoted his life to deaf education. He thrives in academic circles and is the kind of guy that can walk into a room full of strangers and walk out with a room full of friends.

[Carson] (looking for an actor to portray a Deaf, female in her 40s. Open ethnicity) Carson comes from a prominent upper-class family in Waco, TX. She’s athletic, no bs, and is very politically active. It’s a blue city in a red state and she feels it when she ventures outside of Austin with her wife, Sarah. They have a son, Noah, who is also deaf. She’s funny and witty, and she was the only friend there when her longtime friend, Lily would call at two in the morning, too drunk to drive home. She’s that friend.

[Raina] (looking for an actor to portray a Deaf, Black female in her early 40s) Raina is the Vice President of a big ad agency, and her work is her life. She came from a working-class background with parents who tried to protect her from the world. They encouraged her not to dream too big because of her deafness, so she rebelled and became a success. Big parties and events are not her idea of a good time – she prefers intimate dinner parties being home watching TV. She loves hiking, camping, anything that gets her body moving.

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