Casting Opportunity for Premium TV Series

Looking for performers for the following multi-episode role.
No acting experience is necessary to submit.
Project will film late March–early Sept 2023 in Wilmington, NC
For audition information and instructions, please email: [email protected]

If you are interested in submitting, but don’t see a role for you right now, please send your information and include a recent photo. You never know what roles we will look for next!

My name is Maggie and I work for Lisa Zagoria, a Casting Director in Los Angeles. We are conducting a nation-wide casting search for a character fluent in ASL for a Premium TV series. Attached is a flyer with more information, including the character description for the role we are looking for and how they can get in touch with us. No acting experience is required to audition.

We are also open to receiving submissions from those who don’t fit the role description, as we will be casting more Deaf, CODA and ASL-fluent roles down the line for this series.

[Ximena] (looking for an actor to portray a mid-20s, trans female, Mexican American, CODA) Character portrayed is a first-generation college student, now in the graduate program at UT on a full scholarship. She has a few deaf family members including her younger brother and her grandmother, Lourdes. She knows ASL because of her brother but is also familiar with LSM from her grandmother who lived in Mexico before immigrating to the US. Ximena is a fierce protector of her family and her culture. It’s been a rough ride with her parents’ acceptance of her transition from male to female and it continues to be a struggle when she goes home. She felt like an outsider most of her life living in rural West Texas and figuring out her identity. She filled a caretaker role in her family growing up, watching over her younger siblings while her parents worked. She works hard, rolls with the punches and she loves where she’s currently at in life. She loves fashion, dancing, and is a part of the D&D community in Austin. Ximena is very much about bringing about change rather than working her way up in the academic ranks, even though she understands and values what people in academics are doing (in terms of research and language preservation). Ximena is multi-lingual; fluent in English, Spanish, ASL, and LSM.

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