Say No to Texas HB 3458 Explained

Say No to Texas HB 3458 Explained

TAD learned that Rep. Buckley introduced this bill, and this bill was never once consulted with Texas School for the Deaf. Historically TSD has 9 boards. The board of trustees themselves elects the President and Vice President. This bill wants to add two people who are not Deaf or has any involvement with the Deaf community, and the President and Vice President are to be elected by the Governor. This means hearing people with no Deaf background or tie to the Deaf community runs TSD. It’ll hurt TSD in the long run. We have seen this happen at other Deaf schools, and we know the result. We must protect Texas school for the Deaf, so please take a moment to send or call people on the list. Wrote by Beth Hamilton

Comments: TX HB3458 023-2024 | 88th Legislature

HB3458 Bill English version

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An example of the template to send an email – please see all details from Beth’s post including email address and phone number)

Who is Rep Texas House Member Brad Buckley from Bell County? (Killeen, Belton, Temple between Dallas and Austin) For more information about Brad, see link:

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