The Butterfly Cage Book: Joy, heartache, and corruption: Teaching while Deaf in a California public school

The Butterfly Cage Book: Joy, heartache, and corruption: Teaching while Deaf in a California public school

My book, The Butterfly Cage, is OUT THERE in the world now, although I haven’t actually seen, or held, it myself yet. It’s a strange moment in my life; the culmination of seven years, full-time work, with many bumps along the way, much money spent on editors, and tons and tons of revisions, followed by two years angst trying to find a publisher. Now for the real nitty gritty; I’ll soon find out how the book lands in the world, if it helps, people, enrages them, entertains them; in other words; if it works. Its a scary, exciting and (absurdly,) unexpected phase to be in.

It’s available now at (tap any purchasing mode and it will turn into a live link) and this email is dual-purpose; to share the information with you, in case you’ve missed the barrage of social media posts I’ve been raining on poor souls, and also to ask you please to review it, on Amazon or Goodreads, if you can.

In this brutally competitive world of book publishing, it is up to the author to promote themself, and it is a numbers game, where reviews mean a lot. My book is intended to do a job; it is a soldier that hopes simultaneously to entertain, make readers laugh, educate them, and ignite inspiration in them to take action, whether in small or big ways, to improve the abysmal state of education for Deaf and hard of hearing children in the US.

If you know anyone with a deaf or hard of hearing child —or adult— in their lives, if you know any organization that might be interested in an unusual take on the topic, if you have any ideas to pass along to me for promotion, I’d be profoundly grateful to you for sharing them, and this book.

In the words of Jason Rezaian, author of Prisoner: 455 Days in an Iranian Prison, and Washington Post journalist, “From the Butterfly Cage, you will learn a lot, but hopefully you will UN-learn even more.”

That is exactly my plan, to help hearing lay-people UN-learn their assumptions, so they may then learn and embrace a new, healthier reality for our wonderful children.

Again, here is the link and reviews will be deeply, deeply appreciated.

Yours, Rachel Zemach

You can read more details or buy book/ebook online – link:

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