FEMA is currently Offering $500-$1000 Signing Bonus

FEMA is currently Offering $500-$1000 Signing Bonus

Join FEMA as a Reservist today and help carry out critical disaster response and recovery efforts across the United States. We are looking for motivated and selfless public servants who are ready to answer one of the most important calls there is: to help your fellow Americans on their worst day.

FEMA has a team of sign language interpreters ready to deploy for the deaf/hard-of-hearing employees.

Additionally, FEMA is currently offering $500 – $1,000 signing bonuses under certain conditions.

FEMA is offering sign bonuses to all eligible Reservists from now through April 30, 2024, subject to the availability of funds.

Are you up for the challenge? Join our ranks today.

Please contact Tammi at [email protected] or 202-344-9842 for more information.

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