Deaf American Entertainment – Austin

Deaf American Entertainment

DATE: April 7, 2009 – Tuesday

TIME: 7 PM – 9 PM

Southwest Key Programs
Austin, Texas


Deaf American Entertainment, a new deaf focus theater/TV production
company, is seeking DEAF & CODA talent.

Deaf American Entertainment is seeking deaf, hard of hearing & coda
performing artists, ASL poets & song signers, writers, dancers, stage
and TV production crew, artists, stage and TV technicians.

The goal is to produce quality ASL stage shows, a touring company and
quality TV programs all designed for the entertainment for the
nation’s deaf and hard of hearing population and the general public.
Our priority is to bring deaf culture stories, poems and songs to

Our first project will be the staging of DEAFIA, a Deaf Musical

If you would like opportunities to become involved in this new,
exciting company, come to our meeting on Tuesday, April 7

7 – 9 PM at Southwest Key Programs. (address below)

All ages are welcome. All levels of ASL skills are invited. All types
of talent are appreciated.

Shoot for the stars!!!

Douglas Ray Kennedy

Deaf Playwright/Director


DEAFIA, a Deaf Musical Comedy

PIRATES OF SPARKLE SIGN, a deaf kids’ pirate adventure

Meeting address:
Southwest Key Programs
6002 Jain Lane
Austin, TX 78721

(Corner of Gardner… across lane from Eastside High School. From
south… take 71 east to 183 north. Turn left at Bolm… right at
Gardner to Jain)

For further info, you can contact Ray Kennedy

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  1. Nikita
    March 11, 2011 at 2:16 PM

    Hello, I’m tried to contact Doug. Do you know about CODA/KODA events, club,etc in Austin, TX?

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