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POT O GOLD Deaf Camp

Sunday, July 19, 2009
Posted By Grant Laird Jr

POT O GOLD Deaf Camp

July 27 to 31, 2009
Hermann Sons Road
Comfort, TX

Everyone and Any Churches….

We are invited you to come our Deaf Summer Camp!

Pot O Gold Deaf Summer Camp in Hermann Sons Road in Comfort, TX.

***Please Help us and forward to tell the others about this camp…It is wonderful camp place!

When: July 27 to 31, 2009

Registration : $50.00 Deaf per person

Hearing person for sign language class & registration: $150.00 plus Tuition $200.00

Any ages from 8 yrs old to Adults.

If you have family…They are welcome to come!

We have sign language class here at camp…pls come to our camp!

There is cookout, riding horses, volleyball, basketball, swimming pool, rodeo, etc. We have choir, drama, and special singer, etc.

Our special Speaker: John Clark, Ed Kollmeyer, Betty Cabbage and there more…special speaker!

Contact: Don and Betty Cabbage: [email protected] or VP 915-503-1104

***Our Deadline end of July 20 we need to know how many head count who is coming to this camp…We need up to 50 deaf people to come or more to come to camp. Pray for us and encourage Deaf to come to wonderful place for camp! We need you!

Betty Cabbage
Email: [email protected]

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One Response to “POT O GOLD Deaf Camp”

  1. Connie Owens

    Please give me the dates for your camp in 2011. My son would like to attend.


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