SWCID Reunion 2010 – Jan/Feb Newsletter




December and January has come and gone and now February is here. All of our
SWCID Reunion 2010 committee members have been extremely busy as we prepare
for our summer event in July 8 – 11, 2010. We hope everyone had a nice
Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010. We welcome the new year 2010 and look
forward to a better year. Lisa has been busy sending out donation and
sponsorship letters in Big Spring, Texas as well as other towns. Christine
has been busy making phone calls to important dignities and hope that they
attend our 30th Anniversary event this summer.


The Board of Trustees at Howard College and along with Dr. Cheryl Sparks and
Mark Myers, Provost of SWCID have approved a new name for the SWCID
Building. It will be called Douglas Burke Education and Administration
Building. The girls dorm’s wing will be continued to be in Burke’s name but
for his wife Mrs. Beatrice Burke. We ask that everyone come out and
celebrate this great honor for the Burkes.



Our combos are already posted on our SWCID Reunion 2010 website. Our
website is http://www.swcidreunion2010.com (please use Internet Explorer
( E ). Early Bird Combo $ 70 dollars ( before March 31, 2010 ) Standard (
Regular Combo) $ 80 dollars ( before May 31, 2010) Late / AT DOOR $ 90
dollars. No personal checks will be accepted after June 1, 2010 you must
bring either MONEY ORDER or CASH when you come to SWCID Reunion 2010 in Big
Spring, TX , Thank you. Make your personal checks or Money order to ”
Reunion 2010 “. If you are not able to download the forms please email us
and we will do our best to send you all the forms you need if you can’t
download it from our website. Thank you.


Some of you are confused, let us explain. Children under the age of 12 are
given free ” Admission ” only but you will need to pay for their meals if
you are going to the Friday and Saturday night dinner event, you must pay
for your child’s meal. Children aged 12 and UP you must purchase a regular
combo ( the regular combo includes the meals ).


Yearbook is still on sale for $ 85 dollars from January 2010 until July
2010. Please write payable to ” REUNION 2010 ” on your money order or
personal checks. Do not put SWCID on the money order or personal check.

Our Committee is still working on the yearbooks, we need more pictures
please. Just send it to us. Some of you are also confused about the
yearbooks. Let us explain again. While we are making the yearbooks, we
meant ( pages ) and we are emailing them to the yearbook company called (
Entourage Yearbooks ), they are the ones that will be printing the
yearbooks. When you purchase your yearbook, some of you think that the
yearbook will be ” ready ” when we are there at SWCID Reunion 2010??? NO,
you will not get the yearbook at SWCID Reunion because we are not finished
with our event in July yet, we will still be taking more pictures while our
event is in July 8 – 11, 2010, then when our event is finished and over, we
will work on the rest of the pictures of our event and finalize our pages.
We will send all our pages to Entourage Yearbook company and they will be
ready for printing it will take them about 3 to 4 months and they will send
you your yearbook in the mail via shipment. That means Entourage Yearbooks
will be responsible for mailing you your yearbook once they are finish
printing. Thank you for your concerns. If you have questions and still
don’t understand we will be happy to explain to you.


We are still accepting sponsorship and donations. If you feel you would
like to make a contribution, please contact us. If you think or know anyone
that you feel would make a good contribution please do let us know also.
Thank you.


We still have booth availability so please let us know if you plan to have
your booth at our SWCID Reunion 2010. Thank you.

SWCID – BIG SPRING, TX – TRIP ( Feb. 26, 2010 )

Our SWCID Reunion 2010 committee will be heading back to Big Spring, TX, for
our meeting again, to make sure that everything is in order. Anyone is
welcome to come if they wish to participate and volunteer with our
commitee. Please let us know.

SWCID REUNION 2010 ( July 8 – 11, 2010 ) DATE

Some of you emailed us asking the committee to change our date in July.
Unfortunately we can’t change our date, those dates have already been set
since 2 years ago when it was planned. We know there will be alot of
activities in the month of July 2010. Let’s see what we have… We have
SWCID Reunion 2010 in July 8 – 11, 2010, then we have NAD Conference in July
7 – 11, 2010 and we also have Deaf Expo in Las Vegas in July 24 – 26, 2010.
WOW alots of activities going on, yes I know. But you will have to decide
which one of those do you want to go to? Which is best for you? If you
want to go to NAD Conference, then go, if you really want to go to Deaf Expo
in Las Vegas, go ahead but we can’t change our dates the last minute we are
sorry our date will stay there for SWCID Reunion 2010. Thank you for your
concerns and comments.


From the Desk of Mark Myers, Provost of SWCID

Following the Board of Trustees of Howard College approval for naming
Education and Administration building in honor of Dr. Douglas Burke and
renaming the Burke and Mehan Residential Hall in the girls’ wing in honor of
Beatrice Burke . Dr. Burke was the pioneer in higher education and equal
education opportunity for deaf people in the nation. Beatrice was and is
still the most important backbone in support for SWCID as the community
college for deaf and hard of hearing persons. Dr. Sparks, President of
Howard College and Dr. Myers, Provost are thrilled with the new naming
buildings after both Burke. They are now working to get local and national
congressmen and senators together for the ceremony of honoring both Burke
buildings during the SWCID Reunion event on July 8-11, 2010. More
information will be forthcoming in the near future.

The 08-09 school year proved to be a time for change and growth as the
campus expanded some of the services and methods of communication with
current and future students alike.

After many months of hard work, the SWCID Provost VLOG was brought up on the
HC / SWCID website. “The VLOG is an important step in our methods of
communication,” said Myers. “We want to be user-friendly and accessible to
everyone who is interested in knowing more about SWCID and what we do here.”
Plans are in place to update the VLOG approximately every 2-3 months with
archived VLOG remaining available at http://www.howardcollege.edu/swcid.

If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions, recommendations or other
needs, please let us know. Feel free to email us at :
[email protected] You may email Lisa Wynn at :
[email protected] Our other email \at yahoo is :
[email protected] We look forward to hear from you all.
Thank you.

Lisa Wynn
SWCID Reunion 2010

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