SWCID Reunion 2010 – Special Report

Swcid Reunion 2010
Special News Report
March 1, 2010

We will have a very big celebration at our SWCID Reunion 2010, that Dr.
Cheryl Sparks from Howard College President and along with the Executive
Board members have approved of the name for the SWCID Building to be named
Dr. Douglas Burke Education and Administration Building and ladies dorms
hall. We need you to come and join us and to give a big hand waves for the
new name will be Dr. Douglas Burke Education and Administration Building and
Mrs. Beatrice Burke’s name will go to the ladie’s dorm hall wing. The big
celebration will be on Saturday of July 10, 2010 from 10 am to 12 noon. We
will have in attendance special people who will come, too and we will have
some short speeches.


$ 70 dollars due before March 31, 2010. The price is cheap right now grab
this cheap $ 70 dollars Combo before its too late. The price will go up to $
80 dollars after March 31, 2010. If you pay ( buy ) early bird combo and you
will get a surprise gift and free surprise ticket. Everyone will get door
prizes. Check on our websites at: http://www.swcidreunion2010.com and
click on “combo” and click “early bird combo” and there have 7 form links.
The 7 links listed below:

1. SWCID Flyer Cover
2. SWCID Registration
3. SWCID Combo
4. Shirt Flyer Designs
5. T-shirt / Polo Shirt / Cap Order form
6. Yearbook Order form
7. Donations Information

Note: The door prizes are not the same as raffle ticket.

SWCID Reunion 2010 Booth

– Due before March 31, 2010. The price is cheap right now before it will go
up. Booth will be for two days from Friday all day and Saturday until 3 pm.
There are plenty of booth space available until it is filled up. We have
received several who have already registered for the booths. Also we will
have electric and Wi-Fi available.

To find your registation for your booths, go to our website at:
http://www.swcidreunion2010.com and click on “Combos” and look on the
list for BOOTH / EXHIBITS / DONATION / AD PROGRAM you can find all the links
for your information there.

Remember booth registrations are seperate from our ” combos ” for Friday
and Saturday night. If they ( booth exhibitors or vendors ) want to join us
for Friday Fiesta Dinner and Saturday BBQ Dinner, then you will need to buy
the ( meal ) tickets before march 31, 2010. It is on the Combo Form.


You can donate and see how you can receive and get free items and things for
Friday / Saturday night. That will also depend on how much you donate to
our SWCID Reunion and there have five different level of donations stages.


Christine Kamal ( SWCID Assistant Host ) in Houston, TX will have a Car Wash
@ Wal – Mart Stores ( on their property ). I would like to ask everyone in
the Houston and surrounding areas to join me in the Car Wash, so we can
raise funds for Burke’s Sculpture and other things to provide for SWCID
Reunion 2010, such as Kid’s Entertainment, Saturday night DJ ( Music ) and
many more.

Car Wash will be on May 22, 2010 ( Saturday ) from 7 am to 5 pm. Wal
-Mart Stores on Westhimer @ Kirkwood Area.

Thank you very much

SWCID REUNION 2010 committee.
Lisa Wynn-Host
Email: [email protected]

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