SAPD: Suspect admits in sign language to committing rape

SAPD: Suspect admits in sign language to committing rape

by Marvin Hurst / KENS 5
March 22, 2011

An arrest warrant from the San Antonio police said a rape suspect can’t hear or even speak. However, investigators claim that did not stop him from confessing to a weekend sexual assault in sign language.

Darrell Fontelroy is charged with sexual assault. He remains in the Bexar County Detention Center trying to make a $25,000 bond.

According to the warrant, the 37-year-old was temporarily rooming with a man on Bandera Road. Police said over-the-weekend the alleged victim refused advances by Fontelroy.

The victim was reportedly hit in the mouth and sexually assaulted. The alleged crime was reported to SAPD by the 30-year-old victim.

Investigators said the suspect, who is hearing and impaired, spoke to police through an interpreter. He reportedly confessed to the sexual violation. The warrant said he used the word rape when referring to the incident.

Fonteltroy’s miranda rights were signed to him before his arrest.

The suspect remains behind bars on a $25,000 bond.

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