Deaf Culture Books at Harris Communications

Deaf Culture Books at Harris Communications

Harris Communications is known for their wide selection of sign language and
deaf culture books.

Find humorous books such as “You Might Be a Sign Language Interpreter
If…(B809). This miniature book, illustrated by deaf cartoonist Bruce Hanson,
will give you a chuckle by showing the human side of interpreting.

“Step Into the Circle” (B847) is a tribute to American Indians, Alaska
Natives and First Nations people who are deaf, deaf-blind and hard of
hearing. A fascinating read with over 100 contributions, it includes
photographs, artwork, poems, biographies and autobiographies.

Be sure to check out all the deaf culture books on the Harris Communications
website. You will find many written by deaf authors.

For more information on these books and others, go to or email us at:
mailto:[email protected]

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