ASL total Immersion: Fall 2012 – DFW

ASL total Immersion: Fall 2012 – DFW

American Sign Language total immersion at smu school of continuing &
professional development Dallas campus

SMU Fall

Wednesdays 8/29/12 to 9/26/12

6 pm to 8 pm

ASL for beginners no voice zone

Southern Methodist University dallas campus registration opens 8/8 –

Late reg $89

instructor/interpreter~suzanne terrio edm ma csc cic

co~taught by leroy terrio [deaf]

Students will learn the parameters of ASL, such as handshapes, spatial
relationships, two-handed vs one handed signs, palm orientation, facial
grammar, non-manual markers, speed and intensity of signs and how it
affects meaning. Students will experience aspects of deaf culture, such
as having a name sign, hand-waving to call attention, where it is
appropriate and how to tap a deaf person to establish eye contact for
face-to-face communication.

* Communicate with a deaf person through gestures, suimmple signs, and
the interpreting process;
* Use basic “WH” questions – Who, What, Where, How, When and Why
* Apply simple grammatical rules such as noun and adjective placement.
* Receptively and expressively use ASL pronouns; signs for family
members; signs for common household objects and furnishings; and basic
noun verb pairs such as sit vs. chair, scissors vs. cut
* Identify compound signs, which require more than two-hand shapes,
such as brother or sister.

Recommended text: American Sign Language Concise Dictionary

Advance registration required; early registration rewarded.

SMU-CAPE (768-2273)

Register seven or more days in advance and receive an early
registration discount, listed beside the regular course fee in ().

website info

Suzanne Terrio
Email: [email protected]

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