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NAD E-Newsletter 8/8/12

NAD E-Newsletter 8/8/12

NAD E-Newsletter
Thursday, August 8, 2012

Girl Scouts Deny 12 Year-Old Access to Interpreter

Megan Runnion, a 12 year-old girl who is deaf, filed a federal lawsuit
against the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana
seeking to secure an interpreter for meetings of her Girl Scout troop.
The lawsuit, brought under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, was filed in
federal court in the Northern District of Illinois. Find out more about
the NAD’s involvement in this lawsuit!

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CPRD Vote Update: What To Do Next

An update on the upcoming Senate vote on the Convention on the Rights
of Persons with Disabilities (CPRD) from our friends at the U.S.
International Council on Disabilities (USICD):

“As the Senate session closed on Thursday, August 2, Senator Reid made
a point to state his support for the bipartisan effort to ratify the
Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Senators Durbin
(D-IL), McCain (R-AZ), Kerry (D-MA), Moran (R-KS), Coons (D-DE),
Barrasso (R-WY), Harkin (D-IA), and Udall (D-NM) have all joined
together to lead the support of the CRPD. In his statement, Senator
Reid acknowledged this tremendous bipartisanship and the importance of
ratifying the CRPD:”

“This Convention is a another step towards ensuring that all people
with a disability, in any country, are treated with dignity and given
the right to achieve to their full potential . . . Just like passing
the Americans with Disabilities Act, ratifying this Convention is,
quite simply, the right thing to do.” -Senator Reid, Senate Majority

Continue to contact your Senators and ask that they vote to ratify the
CRPD in September, when the Senate returns from its recess! Read on for
more on how the CPRD passed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and
how you can help:

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The NAD Needs Your Help- Call for Volunteers!

We’re looking for volunteers! Watch NAD VP Melissa Draganac-Hawk
explain how you can volunteer as part of a NAD Committee! The deadline
to e-mail us with your committee preference and interest is September
1st, 2012. Read on for more on how you can help the NAD, and learn more
about our committees!

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Changes on the Horizon- the ALL-NEW Youth National Ambassador Program!

There are several exciting changes on the horizon for the Youth
National Ambassador Program! Watch Tawny Holmes and Alim Chandani
explain details of the all-new NAD Youth Ambassadors Program. Deaf or
hard of hearing men and women, between the ages of 18 and 30, can
compete to be one of the next Youth National Ambassadors! Click below
for more details, and learn how YOU can join!

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Youth Leadership Camp Update: August 2012

The NAD Youth Leadership Camp of 2012 is zooming along at the speed of
light! Events, speakers and team-building activities take place all the
time, and campers have already been able to watch Dr. Frank Turk speak,
and on Tuesday, they hiked to Silver Falls! For forty-three years, YLC
has welcomed education, self-esteem, confidence building and advocacy
activities and workshops on a variety of topics, teaching the leaders
of tomorrow how to face the challenges of today, through the principles
of self-determination, self-representation and self-expression that
guides NAD leaders, advocates and volunteers. Read more from the YLC
blog to learn more about what the Solar Flare, LEGO, Crayons, Diazzle
and NEXUS camper and staff teams have been up to during YLC 2012!

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