Job Accommodation Network (JAN’s) Video Series: The Interactive Process

Job Accommodation Network (JAN’s) Video Series: The Interactive Process

With the passage of the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, employers have moved past the definition of disability and on to providing accommodations. The key to successful accommodations is having an effective interactive accommodation process.

This 23 minute training module and accompanying transcript and handout provides a sample step-by-step process that employers can use in their own workplaces to help them successfully accommodate applicants or employees. This module can be used to train new accommodation specialists, disability managers, and others responsible for initiating and maneuvering through the accommodation landscape. Trainees can view the module at their computer or use the module as part of a larger training.

* View Interactive Process Module. Length: 23 minutes.

* Download accessible transcript.

* Download accessible corresponding handout from JAN’s Effective Accommodation Practices Series.

* Produced by: Linda Carter Batiste, J.D., and Beth Loy, Ph.D., JAN Principal Consultants

* Multi-Media Training Library

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