Save on New Alarm Clock Pro Plus from Bellman & Symfon

Save on New Alarm Clock Pro Plus from Bellman & Symfon
The new Alarm Clock Pro Plus from Bellman & Symfon will make sure you never miss another call. This value package includes the Alarm Clock Pro with bed shaker and the Visit Cell Phone Sensor. On sale for $99.95, these products normally cost $139.90. You save $39.95!
The Alarm Clock Pro wakes you by flashing light, audio alarm or vibration. It has 4 high-intensity LED lights and a powerful bed shaker that also emits sound. The loud 100+dB ascending alarm spans multiple frequencies. Its built-in telephone ring amplifier can be connected to a landline phone to alert you of incoming calls.
Connect the Visit Cell Phone Sensor to the Alarm Clock Pro and be alerted to new calls and messages on your smartphone or tablet. Simply place the sensor on the smartphone or tablet and it will activate when the screen on the mobile device lights up.
Find the Alarm Clock Pro Plus (HC-BA-PROPLUS) at Harris Communications for only $99.95!
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