“Forget Me Not” is Action-Packed, Suspenseful – A Must-See!

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“Forget Me Not” is Action-Packed, Suspenseful – A Must-See!

Austin, TX – After a family wins the lottery, they decide to go on a vacation at a log cabin. While at the cabin, they are unexpectedly introduced to a mysterious stranger. Who is this stranger, and what does he want? With sizzling and action-packed scenes in “Forget Me Not,” the fast-paced movie will have viewers sitting on the edge of their seat the entire time!

“Forget Me Not,” a feature-length production presented in American Sign Language (ASL), takes viewers on a suspenseful journey into the family’s past, which is filled with betrayal, jealousy and suspicion. The vibrant PG-13 film stars renowned deaf performers Mindy Moore and Theron Parker, who are married in real life, and Bradley Pollard as the mysterious stranger.

Other actors include Anthony Cordano Dall, Tuesday Apple and Rosie Switras. “With such a terrific ensemble of actors, we were able to combine all of their performing experience into a high-quality, high caliber film that has an element of surprise,” said Mark G. Wood, producer and director. “We all invested our time and energy in this movie because we want to see more high quality deaf films produced by deaf people themselves.”

“I grew up watching so many movies, like Rainbow’s End, and was always captivated by the fast pace, special effects and location,” said Moore. “But I’ve become weary of seeing deaf people put in very small roles that don’t emphasize the beauty of ASL. ‘Forget Me Not’ tackles that trend, with an all-deaf cast and crew, with awesome filming quality and effects. It’s definitely a movie worthy of Hollywood!”

Bookings are now being accepted for showing “Forget Me Not” at deaf events, schools and universities. “This movie is ideal for deaf film festivals, different events, and even for fundraising for nonprofit agencies,” Wood added. “After each showing, there will be an opportunity for discussion among audience members, because this film will really change the way they look at the abilities of films featuring deaf people. It’s is also a great way to draw the community together for a good time.”

The first showings will be in Austin, Texas, on Sept. 10 and in Riverside, Calif., on Sept. 21. A preview of “Forget Me Not,” which is rated PG-13, and booking information are available at www.aslfilms.com or by e-mailing [email protected]

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