John Maucere to Headline 25th Anniversary of World Deaf Timberfest in Oregon

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John Maucere to Headline 25th Anniversary of World Deaf Timberfest in Oregon

Stayton, Ore. [August 28, 2006] – What do you get when you mix a wacky comedian with logging competitions, ax-throwing contests, and a lot of good-natured people celebrating 25 years?

John Maucere at the 25th World Deaf Timberfest, that’s what.

Maucere will be headlining the 25th anniversary of the World Deaf Timberfest, held August 30-Sept. 4 at Camp Taloali in Stayton, Ore. “I’m a bit worried about people throwing axes at me, but I think it’ll be alright,” jokes Maucere. “It’s going to be great seeing how people respond to my show, because it’s a different environment from where I typically perform at. I tend to perform at indoors facilities, but maybe this way I can run away into the forest if things don’t go my way.”

Actor, comedian and entertainer Maucere has proven to be popular with deaf and hearing people in addition to allies of the Deaf community such as interpreters and educators. Founder of Deafywood, Maucere is a seasoned performer who has traveled around the world promoting Deaf culture using folklore, comedy sketches, and educational productions.

Maucere will do his infamous SuperDeafy Walk at Timberfeset, where he roams the grounds in a SuperDeafy costume and ask people often embarrassing things, usually catching them off-guard as their reactions are filmed. He will also serve as the master of ceremonies and present The John Maucere Show throughout the weekend. “Although the show primarily consists of my performance, audience participation is also critical to the show,” Maucere says. “After all, who doesn’t like being put on the spot and being laughed at? That’s why I have a strong emphasis on audience participation, whether they like it or not.”

Sprint Relay is sponsoring Maucere’s performances. “John Maucere is a multi-talented performer. Sprint Relay is excited about the opportunity to sponsor the performance of this extremely well-known, versatile entertainer at the 25th anniversary of the World Deaf Timberfest,” says Damara Paris, Oregon account manager for Sprint. “Audiences from all over the United States have found inspiration in John’s humor and creativity!”

Maucere is enthusiastic about going to picturesque Camp Talaoi and participating in the historical event. He adds hopefully, “Who knows? Maybe someone will even carve my likeness for the wood-carving event!”

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The John Maucere Show is a spin-off of Deafywood, which is owned and operated by John Maucere. Maucere, who is deaf, is a Hollywood, Calif. native and travels to deliver inspiring yet humorous messages to the deaf and hearing communities on the importance of preserving Deaf culture, language, folklore and heritage. More information is available at

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