IMPACT Conference – DFW

IMPACT Conference – Dallas

DATE: July 10-11, 2009

TIME: July 10, 2009 at 6pm

6960 S. Polk Street
Dallas, Texas


International Institute of Deaf Services, Inc.
presents 2 Great Workshops * 1 Great Weekend


IMPACT Conference – Dallas

Friday, July 10, 2009
“Reach Out and Touch –
Evangelism in Deaf Ministry”
Presented by Paul William Ellis

Saturday, July 11, 2009
9am – 4pm
“You Said What? – Rightly Interpreting the Word of God”
Presented by Noah Butler

Refreshments will be served Friday evening and Saturday morning. Lunch will be on your own.

Child care will not be provided. Please make arrangements.

Reach Out and Touch ? Evangelism in Deaf Ministry

This workshop will confront issues as it relates to language and culture of the deaf and the appropriate use of sign choices for street evangelism. Workshop will also highlight several key topics such as: The Motivation of an effective witness, The Power of A Witness, Why God Gave Us Power a) To Be a Witness b)Spiritual Warfare, Overcoming your Fear of witnessing, What Do I When People Aren?t Interested, Steps for Developing an Effective Plan of Evangelism, Steps for Effective Soul Winning. In addition, group activities will be utilized to demonstrate and practice effective ways to evangelize.

You Said What?!? ? Rightly Dividing the Word of God (Interpreting Scriptures)

This workshop will be approached from three different angles. Primarily, we will investigate the interpretation of Scriptures as it relates to history, culture, and the language and customs of Biblical times in order to determine context. Secondly, we will introduce a unique study philosophy that allows you to do your own study, and draw your own conclusions based on your interpretation of the content of scripture. Finally, we will use this concept to determine the proper word (sign) usage and ASL structure that can be used to convey the proper meaning and
intent of a passage.

CEUs offered for each workshop

Registration: $45.00
Friday Only: $20
Saturday Only: $30

On-Line Registration:


International Institute of Deaf Services (IIDS) serves as the umbrella of IMPARTATION, IMPACT and National Deaf History Month Celebration to offer practical understanding of God?s Word, understanding of Deaf Culture and American Sign Language (ASL) while fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in an educational setting by raising up bold leaders and teachers and sending out anointed laborers.

Our vision for IMPACT is to see deaf ministries fulfill their destinies as a reflection of the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to be one of the channels for fulfilling the great commission of God (Matthew 28:19-20). IIDS is seeking to expand our presence on more than 50 Deaf Ministries. We aim to
mobilize Christians to serve as disciples in their local churches and communities, sharpen our ability to
provide leaders for deaf ministries and continue our involvement in reaching and disciplining leaders while solidifying our donor base.

We recognize that our vision is multi-faceted and our staff cannot accomplish it alone. Many churches and
community groups already have ministries geared toward reaching the Deaf for Christ. We want to resource
them to enlarge their territory by providing assistance through our IMPACT Conferences as well as our annual IMPARTATION Conference utilizing our pool of ministry.

For more information on IMPACT Conference Dallas or IIDS, contact us at 504-232-2253 {cell} ~ 205-623-0323 or 205-623-0323 or 866-954-2880 {Video Phone}

Noah Butler
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (504) 232-2253

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