Upcoming Three-Day Deaf/Deaf-Blind Convention

Good Afternoon,

Wayne Turner II with ASL News Service here. I am writing to inform you of an upcoming convention for the Deaf in the Texas area. The seminars at the conventions will be in full American Sign Language and focus on helping the Deaf and Deaf blind to improve their life and in turn to help others progress in the community. The convention will take place from July 24-26 in Denton, TX. It is open to the public and admission is free. In addition, Tactile Interpreting will be available for those who are Deaf-Blind.

We are making every effort to extend this invitation to as many in the Deaf community as possible. As a result, we would sincerely appreciate all assistance you can provide in publishing the invitation in any newsletters or event calendars you have available. I have attached the initial press release for your review, and will be happy to provide further information as it becomes available. Feel free to reply to this email or to call our Coordinator at the number listed below with any questions.

Warm Regards,

Wayne Turner II
Email: [email protected]

From the desk of:

Westley A. Ulmo
ASL News Service Coordinator
(504) 994-9521

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