Deaf Club Picnic – Waco

Waco Association of the Deaf
1919 1st. St.
Temple, Texas

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Start at 3 to 10 p.m. Meeting at 3:30 or 4 & Eat at 5 p.m.

Please bring COLD FOOD (sandwich, vegetables, fruits,& any cold food)
Please, bring your own DRINK.
Bring your own lawn chair
Bring your own sport for FUN!

Senior Citizens $1.00
First Time $1.00
Non-Member $3.00
Annual Membership $7.00
If Student $4.00
$2.00 added to each admission if bring NO food.

We will have the door prize $1 ticket, one limit.

President – JerrieCerventka
Vice Presidet – Sherry Granillo
Secretary – Tazz Speamakers
Treasuer – Susy Sidener

Contact Information
Jerrie: [email protected]
Susy: [email protected]

Look at to sign up or look at my facebook or Tazz’s facebook for more deaf events.

Hope to see yall there! have fun and chat!!

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