Jehovah’s Witnesses Annual Sign Language Convention – DFW

Jehovah’s Witnesses are launching a vigorous campaign to invite all Deaf and others who communicate using American Sign Language to view interesting presentations about the Bible description of what many people refer to as the end of the world. Witnesses are convinced that each of their neighbors in the Deaf community will be intrigued and even encouraged by what will be presented at the 2009. Keep on the Watch! District Convention.

Jehovah’s Witnesses will host this annual Sign Language convention at the Denton Texas Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses beginning Friday, July 24, 2009 at 9:20 a.m and continuing through Sunday, July 26. The theme is based on several passages of the Bible, including Matthew 24:42 and Mark 13:37, where Jesus Christ instructed his followers to keep on the watch.

How the Bible clarifies the significance of those words for modern day Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing will be the focus of the program. Witnesses from the 43 Witness Sign Language congregations and groups across twelve states anticipate an excellent turnout comparable to last year guided by God Spirit convention, which was attended by over 2,000 individuals. They look forward to welcoming many non-Witnesses to the keep on the Watch! District Convention and believe that all who attend will benefit from the practical and timely information presented. For those individuals who are both deaf and blind, tactile interpreting will be made available. Admission to the convention is free, and no collections will be taken.

Throughout the United States, there will be 319 conventions in 81 cities, of which 6 are presented entirely in American Sign Language for the Deaf.

Worldwide, there are nearly 7,100,000 Witnesses in over 103,000 congregations.

Denton Texas Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses
14542 US Highway 380 W
Krum, TX 76249-7623
(940) 482-3200

Local Contact:
Westley A. Ulmo
Telephone: (504) 994-9521
Email: [email protected]

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