Deaf Woman Attacked At Dallas Apartment Complex

Deaf Woman Attacked At Dallas Apartment Complex

Reporting J.D. Miles

A Dallas woman has been traumatized by a silent attack that left her bruised
and bloodied and she may have been targeted because she’s deaf.

On an evening North Texas crime watch groups are observing National Night
Out, apartment complexes in North Dallas have seen more than their share of
it lately.

Two nights ago three men were shot just a block from the 13000 block of
Montfort and not far away two murder victims were found Tuesday morning.

But the violent act at the Doral Apartment Homes has many residents shaking
their heads.

It’s been two days since it happened and her injuries are still visible. “He
hit me in the eye,” explained Kathy Jowers.

Jowers couldn’t hear the stranger who approached her, but she is still
feeling the pain from what he did to her. “A guy approached me from the
back… threw me down to the ground, flipped me over and just started punching
me in my face,” Jowers recalled, with her daughter, Tara Thomas,

The 50-year-old woman was walking to her apartment early Sunday morning when
she was beaten by a robber. The attacker apparently wanted more than Jowers’
purse. “He took her rings off of her fingers and then hit her again in the
jaw and then grabbed her by the throat,” said Thomas.

After the attack Thomas took pictures of her mother.

Both Jowers and her daughter believe the man responsible knew he was
targeting a deaf woman. “Me and her will be outside, signing, talking and
people stare.”

The apartment complex has a security camera pointing at the spot where the
attack happened but property management won’t say if it captured the crime.

Jowers says she now feels like a prisoner inside her apartment and is
worried her attacker lives in the complex.

Despite her fears she says she’s speaking out because she wants her attacker
to know she survived. “I want to stand up. I don’t want to be scared. I want
him to see that I’m still alive, that I’m here.”

Police have only a vague description of the man responsible.


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