2010 SWSAD Regional Tournament 2010 – Gulfport, MS

2010 SWSAD Regional Tournament

June 17-19, 2010 – Gulfport, MS

From Desk of SWSAD Commissioner

Howdy! This is Brent Potter, Commissioner of SouthWest Softball Association
of the Deaf (SWSAD), and we, SWSAD, are proudly to announce that Little Rock
Association of the Deaf is hosting 43rd Men’s and 36th Women’s SouthWest
Regional Slo-Pitch Softball Tournament in Gulfport, Mississippi on June
17-19, 2010. This tournament will be very special one because it’s going be
the first time ever that two Regionals tournaments are being held on same
fields on same weekend! It’s going be called “Southern Bash Softball
Tournament”. Southeast Softball Association of the Deaf (SSAD) is joining
with SWSAD. On Friday, SWSAD teams will play against SSAD teams in Round
Robin games. On Saturday, each SWSAD and SSAD will play their own
tournaments. The SWSAD Championship team will face SSAD Championship team
for the final brag rights of Southern Bash Softball Tournament.

More info about Southern Bash Tournament, visit SWSAD’s website: http://www.SWSAD.org

If you are interest to play softball, please visit our website and find the
list of teams and click on Manager’s name to contact him/her about your
interest to play softball. The deadline to sign up with team is before May
17, 2010. The sooner you contact to the manager, the better chance you play
softball this year. SWSAD really need more players and fans to be
participate to this tournament. Two Regionals Tournaments means more fans
and more players! Don’t miss this blast time!

For fans, the combo ticket for the whole weekend will be $40 dollars for
both SWSAD and SSAD Tournament. You can’t beat that deal because it’s two
tournaments on same fields on same weekend! I personally predict it will be
the largest tournament in SWSAD & SSAD history, don’t miss this blast time!
More players and more fans, the merrier we have!

Any question, please feel free to contact me by email to
[email protected]. I’m looking forward to see you all again soon!

SWSADically yours,

Brent Potter
SWSAD Commissioner

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