LBDCC Summer Semester Schedule 2010 – Houston

The Lillian Beard Deaf Connection Center

Summer Semester Schedule 2010

If you want to take some of these classes, come on over to LBDCC!
If you want to volunteer at LBDCC such as teacher, secretary, cleaning, Coffee House/MPC, please contact

David S. Bass
at 832-413-6266 or
[email protected]

1. New Life Deaf Recovery: A faith based 12-step program specifically
designed for culturally Deaf who struggle with addiction. New Life Deaf
Recovery focuses on making real life changes through the power of God, based
on Biblical principles.

2. Holy Grounds Coffee House & Deaf Theater (MPC): Movie/Popcorn/Chat. This
summer, we will be showing powerful entertaining movies every Friday
afternoon at 2:30pm and 7:00pm. Free popcorn will be served and after each
movie, you can stay and chat/discuss the movie.

3. Computer Training: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00am till12:00
noon. You will learn the basics of computer and have great fun doing it.

4. Life Management Skills Training: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00am
till 12:00 noon. You will learn successful life management skill, decision
making, and goal setting for fulfilled and happy life.

5. GED Preparation Classes: (English and Math) Every Tuesday evening at
6:00pm till 8:00pm. Learn the basics of English and Math to help you prepare
to take the GED exam or just come to refresh your knowledge.

6. International Deaf Services: Meeting every Tuesday and Thursday 10:00am
till 12:00 noon. These classes are for international deaf people who want to
learn American Sign Language, meet/fellowship with other deaf, and get
assistance with independent living skills. Also, volunteers/staffs give
assistance to them any other times beside Tuesday and Thursday.

7. Sign Language Training: We offer classes to those who want to learn ASL
or even to refresh your ASL knowledge every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00am
till 12:00 noon and every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm till 8:30pm.

8. HIV/AIDS Education Workshops: The LBDCC will offer these workshops
throughout the summer as needed. The first workshop will be taught on June
29th at 2:00pm till 4:30pm. Instructor will discuss and explain the fact
concerning HIV/AIDS among the Deaf community.

9. Budget Counseling: This service will be offered on an as need basis to
individuals or small groups. This counseling will teach basic budgeting
skills and money management. There will be DVD showing of budget management
in this class along with discussion.

10. ASLE: (American Sign Language English) This course is taught through
DVD’s teaching English skills, using ASL. Time and date to be announced

11. Driver Education Training and Driver License Testing: There will be
either one-on-one tutoring session or a group class for person who wants to
learn driving training and/or to prepare for driver license test. Time and
date is based on need. Contact David S. Bass at 832-413-6266 or
[email protected] if you need to succeed with driving.

12. Counseling: Offered by appointment only. Please call the Woodhaven
office by voice 713-467-3325 or VP 832-431-3880

13. Food and Clothing Services: Food and clothes provided to the deaf
community as needed. Service open Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 10:00am
and Sunday after the morning worship service (12:00 noon)

14. Computer Repair: Service offered on Tuesday morning from 10:00am till
12:00 noon.

15. Legal Assistance and advice: This service is offered as needed. Please
come to the LBDCC office or call 832-413-6266.

The Lillian Beard Deaf Connection Center
9920-A Long Point Rd
Houston, Texas 77055
832-413-6266 – VP
713-827-7346 – fax
[email protected]

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