National Deaf Employment and Technology Survey

National Deaf Employment and Technology Survey



Hello, many of you have responded to my previous advertisements for the
National Deaf Employment and Technology Survey (DETS), but the study needs
more responses to be useful to both deaf and hard of hearing communities.
Allow me to explain.

My name is James Schiller and I am a faculty member at Gallaudet University,
Department of Social Work, and a Doctoral candidate at Walden University,
School of Health and Human Services. This study is the basis for my
Dissertation in Social Policy and Planning.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, and currently employed, I invite you to
take part in research examining how technology is associated with the
employment of deaf and hard of hearing people. The purpose of this research
is to equip social policy makers, programs, educators, and funding sources
with current data so they can continue providing valued resources to deaf
and hard of hearing communities. A link will take you to the web survey at
the end of this message.

Risks and Benefits of participating in the Study: The survey is confidential
and anonymous. There may be some questions that are uncomfortable to answer.
Participants are free to skip those questions or exit the study at any time.
The benefit of participating in this study is updating the body of knowledge
about deaf and hard of hearing people in the United States.

Compensation: While some organizations have agreed to advertise this study,
all funding supporting the study is my own. This study relies on volunteers
to submit the survey. There is no compensation for participating in this

This study is approved by Walden University and Gallaudet University IRB

I am the principal investigator for this study If you have any questions
regarding this research or the survey, my contact address is:  James
Schiller, Social Work Department, HMB 338B, Gallaudet University. You may
contact the researcher at any time during this study via videophone at
202-651-7064 Voice or VP, or email at [email protected], or
[email protected].

Please go to to fill out the survey.

Upon completion, please click the button marked “DONE.”The survey is
anticipated to take between 15 and 20 minutes.

On behalf of myself, educators, agencies, and advocates who may use the data
in the future, thank you for responding to this survey.

CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

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