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Deaf Awareness Week Astros Day – Houston

Deaf Awareness Week Astros Day

Houston, TX., Friday, September 17, 2010 – Greater Houston Deaf Connection
announces today the organization will host a screening of Universal Signs,
the first-ever full-length feature film in sign language at Super Happy Fun
Land, Friday, September 17th, 2010.

With American Sign Language that is completely visible in the frame of every
shot, this revolutionary film is captioned for the hearing. The film allows
those who can hear to experience the Deaf world.

After the death of his fiancée’s daughter while in his care, Andrew (Anthony
Natale, Mr.Holland’s Opus), a Deaf artist, becomes a prisoner of his own
mind. Tormented day and night by memories and self-blame, Andrew falls in a
downward spiral of depression and anger that alienates everyone around him.
It is only through a serendipitous friendship and new love with Mary
(Sabrina Lloyd, Sports Night) that Andrew is able to sense the life around
him— forgive himself, rediscover his muse and experience the transformative
power of love.

An original score by Academy Award® winner Joseph Renzetti propels the story
along with stellar supporting performances from Margot Kidder (Superman),
Robert Picardo (Star Trek:Voyager), Deanne Bray (Sue Thomas: FBEye) and
Ashlyn Sanchez (Crash).

Tickets are $5 in advance, $7 at the door. Bands from Israel and Berlin.
Will have a ticket deal for $10 for both movie and concert.

Tickets will go on sale for the event August 17th. check
http://www.deafhouston.org for more details.


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