How to Find a Sign Language Interpreter


If your office just accepted its first deaf client, or a deaf employee is
required to attend training, you can call us to make sure your business is
ADA compliant. On site interpreters normally require a two hour minimum fee.
Technology is changing the way sign language interpreters communicate.


Video Remote Intepreting VRI allows deaf and hearing individuals in the same
location to communicate using a qualified ASL interpreter in a remote

1. Interpreters available 24/7 without delays or two hour minimums
2. Equipment is inexpensive, easy to use, and no leasing fees
3. Confidential, secure, and private via the Internet (encrypted)

Computer, webcam and broadband connection with our online service, is all
that is needed. Once a client enters contact and billing information, and
sets up an account, they can have an interpreter assisting their customer or
employee in as little as 10 minutes.

Some situations still require an on-site interpreter, technology and high
speed internet make VRI a cost effective solution for:

Legal – courtroom, arraignments, police interviews, probation, prison,

Medical – Non-emergency room , medical checkups,hospital discharge, assist
with ER call until onsite interpreter arrives

Education – College and K-12 classrooms

Business – Job interviews, staff meetings, training

Government – Social Services, employee meetings

Pay only for the interpreting services you need. Assignments can be
scheduled in advance or immediately in emergency situations.

How to request VRI services:

1. Set up a free account with billing information
2. Check video and audio compability
3. Schedule an appointment for an interpreter or immediate request
4. Begin your clear VRI interpreting session

We specialize in providing advanced sign language intepreters for effective

Nelda Ellerbee
Email: [email protected]
San Antonio, Texas


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