Seeking Cued Speech Transliterators/Interpreters – Houston

Seeking Cued Speech Transliterators/Interpreters in Houston area.

If you are a sign language interpreter but would love to learn to cue, then
contact me as well! I am trying to round up Cued Speech transliterators,
interpreters, and ASL terps who are interested in learning Cued Speech.

I am a Counselor who cues and signs but wants to use an interpreter who is
willing to cue or learn, at least. There is work waiting for you here in
Houston (Clear Lake area)!

If interested, I can be reached by email at [email protected] or by text
512-373-5983. Or use this an opportunity to learn Cued Speech if you have
always been curious.

This can lead to more awesome opportunities for you in the future! Thanks!

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