Become volunteer, help to collect donations & organize etc.

Become volunteer, help to collect donations, help organising “day to shine”
& offering services as a donation “to shine”!

DATE: anytime

TIME: anytime/ anywhere start this year

681 S. Main Street, Suite 109
Keller, Arlington, Texas


Happy New Year Every One!!! New Year, New begining, New hope & New Plans!

I am working on get more involved in Battered Women’s Foundation… & get
involved in a program called “A Day to Shine”! If Anybody would like to get
involved please let me know!

Also I will honor my new website for this Foundation which will be posted
on. So if you know anyone who would like to donate but don’t have a time pl
fwd my infos to them, give my website and tell them they can dropp it off
their donations with their names and infos and I will be willing to drive
and dropp it off for them and get the paperwork/forms for Tax write offs
mail it to them back!

It is very important for me, because I was one of “Battered Women” I know
how it feels, how it like and what you feel, you feel hopeless, scared! I
would like to help to “shine”… I do not have much yet to offer but I would
like to volunteer and give my work as a donation and give help other women
and Children!

CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
CONTACT TELEPHONE #: (817)914-1444

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