Annette Long the Interpreter

Annette Long – the Interpreter

Annette Long born in Texas and has taught, worked and played in the state
for a lot of years is seriously ill. Annette is one of the old guard, that
helped develop the interpreting field in Texas, nationally and
internationally. She helped established the legal testing for RID.

Had her Master’s degree at 22 and went on to work at the University of
Arizona, establish one of the first degrees available for us. Many of the
folks that are now working in Texas studied with her. We call her the
bionic interpreter. From replaced shoulders and both hands rebuilt. She
was having a cage put in her upper spine several years ago and was dropped
and injured.

She didn’t walk for 18 months, but battled her way back. Has been walking
with a walker since and has never had full use of her hands. On a limited
basis did some interpreting, but she is now in North East Baptist Hospital
8811 Village Dr. San Antonio, 78217. Phone 210-297-2000 in room 207. She
has had a stint put in her heart and and there is kidney and liver damage.

When she leaves there she will be in rehab for some time. To many times we
don’t take the time to tell our pioneers thank you.

Lonna Ayres
Email: [email protected]

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