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Coming Passover Gathering! April 21-24th 2011

Hello Hello my deaf and hearing friends!,

Now, its time to gather for the Passover, when we will face our Lord; it
will be our pleasure, as He will bless us, while we are there! You will be a
great presence of percious Holy Spirit that we can hear Him in your heart!

He instructs us, in Exodus 12:14 to remember blood of Lamb (lamb is Jesus).
In the original, the passover blood was posted on left, top and right the
doorposts. The people were instructed to put the blood, forming a cross
(cross on calavry), one doorbeams and the were insured that the spirit of
death would not kill the firstborn child and to prove to Pharaoh, who
wouldn’t allow the Hebrew slaves to leave Egypt and go free. Being thankful
for Passover Day, why can’t we have festival then, instead of around Easter,
where the festivals have bcome pagan-like?

He would love to have you all celebration of the feasts such as Unlevened
Bread, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement that He prepared us to do so. That is
His prefect to match between old and new testamentabout the Messiah (Christ)
the Son of God, Yeshua! To remember the Exodus 12:14 So this day shall be to
you a memorial and you shall keep it as a feast to the Lord throughout your
generations. You shall keep it as a feast by an everlasting ordinance.

We will be using at North Texas State University coliseum which is bigger
and comfor room and view better that used to be in past years. Will have
some interpreters (need help add at anytime) for deaf at the front. If any
question for hotel, registrations etc., I will be more happy to help. Let me
know at [email protected] Please give me to time to done in registration
before April 2nd that dont want to have stress in last minute. Thank for
understand. Love ya!

His Celebration,
Gary Craig

Dates: April 21-24, 2011
Times: Thursday: 7 – 10 PM

Friday and Saturday: 8 AM – 10 PM
Sunday: 8 AM – Noon

600 Avenue D
Denton, TX 76201
(University of North Texas Superpit)

Guest Speakers: Peter Wagner, Dutch Sheets, Barbara Wentroble, Sergio
Scataglini, Paul Keith Davis, Eddie James, Robert Heidler, Chuck Pierce,
Cindy Trimm and others.

Registration Fees: Registration fee for attending in person:
$20 per person
$35 per married couple

Groups of 10 or more (registering at the same time) can attend for $15 per
person by calling our toll-free number: (888) 965-1099.

To Participate in Person:

1. Register Online
2. Call 888-965-1099

To Participate Online: This conference will be available to view live over
the internet (on your computer). Click here to purchase e-tickets.


(Note: This will not register you to attend the conference in person – only
to view it over the webcast.)

Directions: For directions to the conference site (from the airport or other
starting points), we recommend that you access http://www.randmcnally.com
Child Care: Child care is not provided.

Fee Coverage: Fees include attendance at every session. Housing, meals and
all other personal expenses are not included in the registration fee.

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