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Ambit and Dallas Deaf Club

The Ambit Spark!

It is my pleasure to announce wonderful news for the members of
Dallas Association of the Deaf (DAD), a non-profit organization. Starting
today, we are now affiliated with Ambit Energy, a leading energy company.
The purpose is to receive a donation check each month. How?—very simple,
it is to recruit individuals to sign up as Ambit Energy customers. Of
course, a lower per khw rate will be offered to you. It will be a great deal
to DAD’s revenue. Making it possible for future growth and expanding

For you, as a potential Ambit customer, you will be entitled to earn
points each month for various travel packages to destinations of your choice
and other reward offer.

Ambit Energy is the fastest growing private energy company in America.

Anyone inside and outside of Texas who want to help and support DAD, will be
encouraged to sign up Ambit customers.


Contact Robin Matteo, an independent agent, 214-299-8050 (V-P) or you can
email her at [email protected] Mitchel Bien will be her assistant,
you could contact him at 214-509-6717 or email him at [email protected]
They will be happy to assist you on how you can switch from your current
electricity provider to Ambit Energy, for a lower rate.

On behalf of DAD, I am very excited to recruit you as a new Ambit
Energy customer which will also help DAD’s revenue grow.

The mission of the Public Utility Commission (PUC) is to protect
customers, foster competition, and promote high quality infrastructure.

Thank you,

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