New ASL Entertainment DVDs

New ASL Entertainment DVDs

Now Available!

My Father’s Gift Drama DVD and S.E.E. Me Fail Comedy DVD!

My Father’s Gift
102 Minutes
Bonus Features

What shapes our values? Who are our heroes? Journey through Windell’s story
and you may discover your own answers to these questions. Windell takes you
through decades of laughs, tribulations, and the uncertainty that he
experienced personally and vicariously through his mother and father. Visit
the scene of his mother’s train accident, pop back into his kindergarten
class, where as a CODA he had his first introduction to the hearing world.
Watch as his parents’ thoughts, stories and experiences are shared with
exciting twists and turns that give the audience an inside look at growing
up with Deaf parents.

Growing up Windell has always seen his father and mother recount their life
story. Windell got to see firsthand ASL storytelling, living the experiences
and feeling the jolt from the twist and turns, even if it was the hundredth
time he seen the story. Seeing and feeling these ASL stories had lead
Windell to the creation of a live show in order to share his parents
beautiful story with the twist and turns he beheld growing up in a Deaf
home. Audiences get a taste of various emotions: laughter, joy, sadness,
hurt, frustration and uplifting moments that will leave the audience with
courage, interest and hopefully experiencing these moments can put not only
each audience member’s life in perspective but also their view of the Deaf
community and CODAs.

Limited Time $14.99 *Plus S&H

Watch a preview and learn more at:

S.E.E. Me Fail
85 Minutes

“I Can’t Believe It’s Not ASL!” – S.E.E. with half the classifiers and none
of the concepts!

Signing Exact English (I and II), forced oralism, and ignorance have gotten
on Wink’s last Non Manual Marker! Enjoy bits from his on-the-road stand-up
comedy performed in American Sign Language with some in-studio videos to
give a one-on-one mentoring experience!

— “I laughed so hard my beret fell on William Stokoe lap!” ~ Laurent Clerc
— “He truly hit a grand slam with this one” ~ “Dummy” Hoy
— “Pizza!” ~ Keith Wann
— “I’ve seen people suck before, but that was the suckiest piece of suck
that ever sucked!” ~ Alexander Graham Bell

Perfect for: Recovering S.E.E. signers, ignorant Alexander Graham Bell
members, interpreters whose all day job just got cancelled, ASL students (no
joke here, they are fragile), and of course Deaf clubs to be able to
entertain young CODAs at 2 am.

On the road and in-studio! Bits include: CODA/Gorilla, Interpreter
Interrogation, Interpreter Pick Up Lines, Nightmare on Interpreter AVE, and
S.E.E. 3.

Limited Time $14.99 *Plus S&H

Watch a preview and learn more at:

Windell “Wink” Smith Jr
NIC Master

Download flyer: (PDF format)

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