Deaf’s MATA EXPO 2011 is back! 10/29/11 – Austin

Deaf’s MATA EXPO 2011 is back! October 29, 2011 @ Austin, TX

Hi Everyone!

MATA-SLM EXPO 2011 at Texas
October 29 2011 | Saturday | 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Austin Convention Center
500 East Cesar Chavez Street
Austin, TX 78701



Social Gatherings.
Amazing booths.
ASL comedy shows and games.
Raffle prizes contest. Chance to win!

Any questions or need a booth information? Early Bird Rate ends on or before
September 22, 2011.

Please email us – [email protected] or fax 951 346 5678.


Austin, Texas – October 29, 2011

MATA-Sign Language Media EXPO 2011 is coming back!!!

MATA EXPO 2010 (Ontario Convention Center on November 5-6, 2010) was a huge
success event and attracted to 7,123 participants.

“As the ever expanding US Deaf market continues to evolve and its purchasing
power increases year after year, understanding its cultural factor, their
unique behavior market, and utilizing the adequate mediums and technologies
becomes key when targeting this market. Some of the approaches that have
been successful include the use of social networking and affiliate
marketing”. This event mirrors society’s increased awareness of Deaf
people’s media-tech-culture needs


‘MATA’ means ‘See you later or again” in japanese language and “Eyes” in
tagalog language. Mata is a symbolic word “visual concept + small world” in
the Deaf-related community.

MATA EXPO is considered one of the nations largest multicultural marketing
events in US Deaf history. It is an opportunity for companies,
organizations, and individuals with talents to show off their deaf / hard of
hearing products to thousands of people at once and make announcements about
new products and services. It is also a showcase for deaf performing artists
in various media types (deaf films, deaf celebrities and cultural arts
presented from US nationwide and International). MATA EXPO empowers Deaf
Culture, Diversity and Media Technology.

A paramount emphasis will be on the changes and progress made in quality of
life for Deaf-related, Deaf and Hard-of -hearing consumers.

Part of the show’s focus will be a celebration of society’s increasing
awareness of the needs of the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing. Included will be a
detailed look at the recent legislation passed and written into laws that
positively impact the quality of life for the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing.

Open to the public, the show targets not only Deaf people but also their
employers, friends and family, government and nonprofit organizations as
well as students enrolled in sign language and Deaf culture classes.


Diana Banas
Event Coordinator
2011 MATA – Sign language Media Expo

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