Mission Hearts 2012

Mission Hearts

WEBSITE: http://www.missionumc.com/missionhearts.html

Strengthen, empower, and improve the lives of deaf and disabled individuals in times of disasters or where ever there is a need around the world.

February 5th-13th Mission:

Youth Camp for Deaf Village/Infant-care workshop/First Aid Class/Medical Service
Port au Prince, Haiti

June 17th-25th Mission
Youth Camp for St. Vincent’s School for the Handicapped & Deaf
Montrouis, Haiti

Teens ages 16 to 17 will be allowed to serve on the mission June 17th-25th.
Students 16 to 17 must have a signed parental permission form and a letter of recommendation from their pastor or youth leader.
Students 14-15 may travel with the mission team but must be accompanied by a parent.

For additional information on youth service or missions contact Dee at [email protected] or Nicole at [email protected]

479.430.6568 voice/text
479.668.0972 v.p.

CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

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