Interpreter Workshop: Ready, Set, Test! – DFW

Interpreter Workshop: Ready, Set, Test! – DFW

Interpreter Workshop: “Ready, Set, Test!”

DATE: April 28, 2012

TIME: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

300 Trinity Campus Circle, East Fork Building, Room 5304
Fort Worth, Texas


Tarrant County College Sign Language Interpreter Program and Hired
Hands Inc are proud to present:


Presenter: Alaina Web


Interpreting is a very personal journey. Everyone learns at his or her
own pace. Yet when it comes time to put those skills to the test, most
people have the same elevation in stress level. If you don’t know what
to expect, have no chance to do a “practice run”, the stress can be
overwhelming. This workshop is designed to help participants better
understand what the current BEI testing system looks like and what to
expect when taking it. We will then look at general ideas and
techniques that can help in any interpreting performance test
situation. There will be opportunities to practice audio texts in both
ASL and English, with material that approximates the difficulty level
and speed of the BEI Basic test, as well as looking at ways to showcase
the features of each language. Additionally, there will be
opportunities to practice sight translation techniques so that
participants will understand not only what is expected of them, but
also have an idea of how to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of this
aspect of interpreting.

Knowing what is expected and having a strategy in mind to help meet
those expectations can greatly reduce the “fear of the unknown” that
many interpreters face when taking a performance test. This workshop
will provide ideas to help reduce text anxiety, and allow interpreters
a greater level of confidence when putting those newly learned
interpreting skills to the test.

Cost $25.00 – All Proceeds going to the Marvin B Loeb Scholarship for
Tarrant County College

To register download the flyer from
For Questions Call Joanie Uresti at 817-236-3323

CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
CONTACT TELEPHONE #: 817-236-3323 V

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