REMINDER: D/HH Community Meeting 5/31/12 – Fort Worth

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community Meeting in Fort Worth – May 31, 2012

Thank you for saving the date for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Community Meeting in Fort Worth on May 31st! This is an important
meeting and opportunity for the reasons given in my previous


However, most important, is the opportunity for group participation and
emerging leaders within the deaf and hard of hearing community. Now,
more than ever, the deaf and hard of hearing community is needed to
participate as a community with the City of Fort Worth as well as with
other cities. You are not required to live in Fort Worth to attend
this meeting. You are also not required to be a proven leader, just
someone who wants to help and to learn.

While some of the recommendations received to date, do not fall under
the authority of the city government of Fort Worth, they are possible
through community effort. This will be explained during the meeting.
The plan still is to submit a prioritized list to the Mayor’s Committee
on Persons with Disabilities, but strong community support is needed
for this to be effective.

I look forward to meeting you on May 31st, friends and members of the
deaf and hard of hearing community:

Where: Hazel Harvey Peace Center for Neighbors – Conference Room –
Address: 818 Missouri Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas, 76104
Date: May 31, 2012
Time: 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

CART and Sign Language Interpreting are provided! For additional
information and questions about the meeting, I can be reached at
817-953-2976 or [email protected]. The changes which have taken place
in Fort Worth and those still needed, not only help the deaf and hard
of hearing community, they also benefit the larger community of Fort
Worth. It has always been my hope that what we do in Fort Worth will
be of benefit to other cities. We have a viable deaf and hard of
hearing community in Texas cities like Fort Worth. We need more people
to know that. See you on May 31st.

Tracey Michol
Fort Worth, Texas

With Special Thanks to:

Court Reporting Institute of Dallas, Texas. For information about CART
training and services, contact Gwen Hawkins, Career Services Advisor,
at 214-350-9722, extension 224.

Also visit:

Signs2go Interpreting & Support Services, LLC. For information about
services and support, contact Phyllis S. Bullon, President, at

Also visit:

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