Positive Interaction Program 6/5/12 – Houston

Positive Interaction Program

DATE: June 5, 2012

TIME: 7 pm till 9 pm

9920 Long Point Drive
Houston, Texas

The Educational and supportive meeting between the Houston Police
Department (H.P.D.) and the Houston Deaf Community will be held on
Tuesday, June 5th at Woodhaven Deaf Baptist Church, 9920 Long Point
Drive starting at 7 pm. This will be a very important event for all
the deaf of Houston to attend because, as some might know, the resently
confusion of a deaf man and his family saying they were denied an
interpreter by the Constable and District Attorney Office.

The H.P.D. has been a long-time supporter of deaf rights within the
city of Houston but there will always be human error and mistakes.
However, at this P. I. P. meeting Tuesday we will all hear from the
officers and deaf speakers a solution to avoid errors and mistakes.
H.P.D. is not, in anyway, responsible for the error of the Constable
and D.A. Office. Come out and learn the facts.

There will be refreshments after the meeting and also a drawing for
door prizes.

CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

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